Everybody Wants Some (Part II)…

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So Joe Robach is screaming about Rochester’s fair share.

And Mayor Bob Duffy organizes demonstrations with his "Fair Share Coalition" to show why the city needs more state aid.

Meanwhile Superintendent Manuel Rivera releases a budget that requires much more in Albany money.

And then yesterday the state courts reaffirm a court order to increase state dollars in the billions of dollars to New York City schools. The massive increase in aid to city schools must be done as
part of this budget negotiation, according to the court ruling.

This space asked this just a few weeks ago… and it will ask it again. With everyone sticking their hand out for more… do these people expect that someone else with do with less? Duffy told the Democrat and Chronicle that he never meant for Buffalo or Syracuse or Yonkers to get less in state aid for Rochester to get more. So does the money come from another state budget item?

Or does it mean new taxes… or fees… or an increase in existing taxes and fees?

Why is it that we never hear people in government talk about the idea of making priorities? Cities need it then we’ll take if from (fill in the blank). Schools need it then we’ll raise the (tax/fee/revenue) to cover it. Instead we have a mentality of rushing to the trough. Those who shove their weight around the best gets the snout in deepest.

And, finally, how does all this boosting of state aid and required additional spending jibe with the other big call we hear directed at the state of New York: That it needs to cut the cost of government to be more competitive?