Joe on Joe

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I had to admit there was a bit of irony in the statement made by Joe Morelle, the Democratic Assemblyman who is now the county Democratic Chairman.

The topic was the state Senate. For the first time in awhile, the Democrats think they can claim that branch of the legislative machine from the Republicans. There are a few Senate Districts, held by Republicans, that would appear to be fertile ground for Democrats.

One of them is held by State Sen. Joe Robach, the Republican who represents the city and parts of some outlying towns. Everyone knows Robach’s back story: son of a Democratic Assemblyman who ascended to his father’s Assembly seat, as a Democrat himself. But when Robach thought he was being dissed by the Assembly leadership, he switched parties and ran as a Republican for the Senate. He won.

When Morelle was asked if Robach was a target, he said: "Joe Robach is the kind who should be coming back to the Democratic Party."

When I told Morelle that it wasn’t likely to happen… he came back with this: "I dare say I wouldn’t make that prediction."

Later Morelle said that the Democrats are targeted downstate Republican senators and "my hope is that when the Senate Democrats take over the Senate, that Joe Robach will come back to the Democratic Party."

My guess is that Robach will probably not have to worry; the GOP will likely hold that fort.

But wouldn’t it be ironic if the man who jumped to the Republican Senate in search of a responsive leadership was dealt back to minority status? Stranger things have happened.