Minarik would love Pirro candidacy

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Don’t take this the wrong way, but reporters up in the Rochester area still have the edge over the New York City media gang when it comes to covering Minarik.

Eventually they’ll get to know Minarik. And they will soon lap us upstaters.

But for now, the media here has the advantage.

For example, stories came out this week about Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirro mulling a run for state Attorney General.

Press reports there stated that Pirro is close with Pataki. And that relationship would drive the new GOP chairman Minarik to support Pirro’s candidacy.

In truth, Minarik would salivate over the prospect of running Pirro.

He has long pushed the Republican Party in Monroe County to run women in key races. That history includes: running former County Clerk Margaret DeFrancisco in the mid-1990’s against Assemblyman David Koon when he still thought he could win that seat (that didn’t work). In 2003, the top of the Monroe County ticket was Maggie Brooks for county executive and Ann Marie Taddeo for district attorney (he was one for two there).

I wouldn’t be shocked to see him pushing County Executive Brooks for Lt. Governor in 2006.

Jeanine Pirro is a downstater with upstate roots. She grew up in Elmira and went to college in Buffalo and Albany. She would be right up Minarik’s alley, even with the baggage that her husband’s legal entanglements bring.

The press gaggle in NYC will figure him out soon enough.