More From Tom Suozzi

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If you caught WXXI’s Need to Know program on April 14 at 9 p.m. you saw part of our interview with Tom Suozzi, the outsider running for the Democratic nomination, and current Nassau County Executive.

If you want to hear more from Suozzi click right here for a continuation of our conversation with the man who wants to challenge Eliot Spitzer for the Democratic nomination.

During the talk, Suozzi shoves Medicaid fraud in his rival’s face. "Eliot Spitzer has not made a priority of going after Medicaid fraud," he said in WXXI’s studios.

Suozzi again pushed his plan for finding $5 billion in savings from the state budget. Part of that plan goes right at unions in the state – cutting the workforce by 10 percent. You can see the results of one Suozzi squabble with a union here. You should also click here to see how Suozzi blames the clash with the Nassau PBA partly on Spitzer.

Suozzi also says state spending is a problem but won’t freeze it. And listen for when he talks about
alienating top leaders in Albany.