Odd Jobs

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Since Bob Duffy stepped down as police chief to run for mayor, we’ve had one man named to replace him who held the "interim" tag. Now we have another.

The first one – Cedric Alexander – never spoke about whether he wanted the job full time (although Republican mayoral candidate John Parrinello said over and over again that he wanted Alexander – and pushed Duffy to say likewise, something he never did). Alexander took himself out of the running almost immediately – taking a state level position.

Now comes the second short-term chief. Duffy said that Tim Hickey is only interested in helping him along with a transition to a full-time chief. It appears to be a shame, considering Hickey’s long track record.

And to think that outgoing Mayor Bill Johnson said that his appointment to replace Duffy came down to a tight choice between Duffy’s two former deputy chiefs – Alexander and Hickey.

This must mean Duffy wants to go beyond the city borders.

Then came the announcement that Molly Clifford has been named administrator for the Neighborhood Empowerment Team offices or NET.

Clifford will inherit an office that took an awful beating over 2005… from charges during the campaign that it was a waste of money… to protests that said NET is unfairly enforcing laws that were meant to stifle nuisance businesses.

Clifford has a history of inheriting organizations in a tailspin. When she became head of the Monroe County Democratic Committee, in late 2002, there were feuds a plenty in the party. And when she left in early 2005, those fissures still remained.

But Duffy said that his former campaign manager has "incredible skills in bringing people together and leading a team." She’ll get a second chance at flexing those muscles with NET.