Steve Wants Rudy?

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Steve Minarik wants Rudy Giuliani to run against Sen. Hillary?

This news, as reported by the New York City press, has to make you chuckle. Minarik – the Monroe County GOP chairman and newly christened state party chair – hasn’t always been so amorous of the former New York City mayor as Republican standard-bearer.

When Giuliani was running against Clinton in 2000, Minarik could barely conceal his indifference. Giuliani was (and still is) a classic "moderate Republican," the kind that the more conservative Minarik doesn’t exactly embrace.

There was also Giuliani’s tendency to go off the reservation – and to do his own thing. This is also not something Minarik appreciates.

In 2000, Giuliani blew off a GOP event in Rochester to attend opening day for the Yankees that year. Minarik was openly miffed.

When Giuliani bowed out, Minarik embraced the more conservative Rep. Rick Lazio as a Clinton foe.

But here’s the thing; Minarik is a practical politico. And he prizes, above all else, the win. So Minarik probably sees Giuliani as a guy who has the instant stature, who could raise money and could compete against Clinton.

So on that level I suppose it makes perfect sense. It’s still rather amusing, though.