The Slow Struggle for Women as Leaders

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It seems like one step forward and one step back for women ascending to places of political power.

One Step Up: Siena Research Institute reports in a poll this past week that nearly two-thirds of respondents believe the country is ready for a woman as president. (See the Siena Poll here)

One Step Back: A WNBC/Marist Poll reports that more than a quarter of respondents would not vote for a woman as president regardless of her political party. (See that poll here)

One Step Up: County Executive Maggie Brooks, Rep. Louise Slaughter, County Clerk Cheryl Dinolfo, Assembly Member Susan John.

One Step Back: 2005 candidates for mayor from either major party lacked a woman…. 2006 candidates for governor from either major party lacks a woman.

What gives? Nora Bredes, director of the Susan B. Anthony Center at the University of Rochester, said the progress can be slow… and halting at times. The increase in the number of women in legislative halls still doesn’t reflect the overall population breakdown. But, she said, those women can influence a change in the way that leadership is perceived so that domination gives up some ground to collaboration.

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