The Judicial Ruling – The Momentum Slows

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Has the storm died down for the entrenched party faithful?

The Buffalo News has reported the inevitable – that state Supreme Court Judges along with officials from the Republican and Democrat parties are going to appeal the ruling that sought to end the way state Supreme Court Judge candidates are selected.

The report by Tom Precious said the move will likely push the case beyond this year’s elections, which means that a primary election for these judges will not replace the current system of conventions and delegates. Remember that a  U.S. District Court ruled the convention system is too closed and amounts to being unconstitutional.

The appeals come as the state’s Chief Judge Judith Kaye called for reforming the way these state Supreme Court judges are elected. But Kaye appeared to give the appeals some life by saying that she would not approve of a primary election unless there was public financing of candidates.  Instead it appeared she wanted to tinker with the current convention system.

And that brings us back to this – the New York State Legislature has the power to change election law when it comes to these judges. Will they continue to allow for judges to be quasi-candidates? (let me refer back to this entry for an explanation) Or will they decide that these judges should be elected or appointed, once and for all.

The cynic inside rises up right now and says nothing will change. A shame. But then again, maybe the Tom Cooks and Denny Farrells and Steve Minariks of the state feel better.

What do you think?